It all starts with your idea for a new concrete product. We work with you to create individual block formats or special surfaces in colour and texture. We will create 3D models of your new concrete product on a screen based on your ideas, photos, drawings or samples, enabling you to immediately view it from all sides and in an accurate scale model. 

The simulation automatically checks the following product properties and production parameters to ensure the functionality of your future mould:

  • Surface texture
  • Viability of new interlocking systems
  • Stackability and deployability
  • Proper demoulding

This enables us to guarantee you an efficient production process even with unusual architectural designs and cut the production time of your mould. Discuss your ideas with us. Our design team will initially create the concrete product design with its special requirements and then the ideal mould for it. 


RAMPF – a source of ideas

RAMPF has created a pool of several thousand concrete product designs over the decades thanks to the almost unlimited possibilities in stone design. We have built the appropriate moulds for their dimensionally accurate and cost-effective production. Take advantage of this unique diversity and take a look at the stone galleries of our concrete product lines. From paving stones and interlocking pavers to hollow blocks and turf stones – you will find a wide selection of block designs that we have already created. Take advantage of the opportunity to pay a visit to our branches abroad to acquire new inspiration. 

We can offer you the optimum RAMPF steel moulds for this versatile selection of concrete products – your ideas determine the mould.  

Your stone – our mould!


New and still hot off the press: RAMPF Stone Catalogue

Download RAMPF Concrete Stone Catalogue

Let yourself be inspired by our concrete product designs and download our "Concrete Stone Catalogue" and get in touch with our Sales team