Concrete slabs in a wide range of formats

Modern home and garden architecture calls for "slabs" that aren't just square or rectangular. Unusual shapes, colours and surfaces are in demand. Extremely high dimensional accuracy is needed when manufacturing large slabs, especially with tight joints. Whether it's for indoor or outdoor use or with a smooth or finely textured surface - we have the mould for your concrete product.

Your benefits:

  • Consistent top quality in production
  • Long life cycle due to low abrasion
  • High dimensional accuracy for a uniform joint pattern in the laid surfaces
  • High dimensional stability with optimum vibration behaviour
  • Optimum compaction results

Find out also about our brand new coatings for your tamper shoes and mould inserts.


RAMPF heated plates

Stone surfaces with improved impermeability can be produced when using heated tamper shoes. Production can be run with wetter concrete due to the higher temperatures generated. The heated plates also reduce the adhesion of concrete to the tamper shoe. This avoids imperfections, such as holes in the block, and the overall reject rate is significantly reduced. The block quality is considerably improved as a result of heating systems.

The following Optional Features can be used with concrete slab moulds depending on product properties or technical requirements:
Heated plates
Density control
Bolted cover plates
Rubber insert
and other Optional Features

We can also finish our RAMPF moulds in any way that you choose depending on your requirements. Our moulds are milled and manufactured in a CSI Diamond or CSI Nitro process for maximum precision - your ideas determine the shape.

Please contact our Sales team for further details, if you have any questions and would like to arrange a meeting.