RAMPF balanced density control – the same height, density and strength

A pneumatically powered density control effectively ensures that concrete products are uniformly compact, very strong and of a consistent height, even with block dimensions that are difficult to control. The bellows cylinders running at high pressure, subject the base mix concrete to regular pre-compaction during the initial vibration and/or intermediate stamping. The remaining height differences thereafter are evened out by the face mix that is then applied. The bellows cylinders are depressurised during the final compaction, the tamper plates run into rigid stops on the tamper head – making every block the same height and also giving it a smoother surface.

Your benefits:

  • Top quality due to the optimum strength and uniform height
  • Increased productivity due to significantly less waste
  • Concrete adhesion on tamper shoes is reduced, resulting in smoother surfaces
  • Available with a pneumatic and/or electronic control unit
  • Smoothing of the block surface due to the tamper shoes' slight horizontal movement range
  • Can be combined with other Optional Features

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