Landscaping and garden design

The design of private and public gardens in the city and in the country is becoming increasingly complex. Trends and fashions change quickly and require flexible ranges of concrete products. There are no limits to your creativity with our moulds for retaining walls, reinforcing slopes or plant pots in a variety of geometries.

Your benefits:

  • Dimensional accuracy for consistent block weights
  • Quick exchange of components
  • Efficient maintenance and upkeep
  • High dimensional stability with optimum vibration behaviour
  • Technically aligned to your block-making plant
The following optional extras are available for our garden design moulds depending on product properties or technical requirements:
Height control
Bolted cover plates and inserts
Multi-level upper mould part
Sliding panel mould / contour slider
Coated tamper shoes
Rubber insertion device
and other Optional Features

We can also finish our RAMPF moulds in any way that you choose depending on your requirements. Our moulds are milled and manufactured in a CSI Diamond or CSI Nitro process for maximum precision - your ideas determine the shape.

Please contact our Sales team for further details, if you have any questions and would like to arrange a meeting.