Top products with the RAMPF tamper shoe heater

The RAMPF heating unit helps you manufacture very high-quality concrete products with more process reliability. It is a robust auxiliary unit for the mould, specially developed for the demanding environment in a block-making plant. The heating of tamper shoes on the upper part of the mould reduces the adhesion of earth-dry concrete to these mould elements. They are also ready to use very quickly because the target temperature is reached on average within a few minutes.

Your benefits:

  • Reduction in the adhesion behaviour of face mix on tamper shoe surfaces
  • W/C ratio of the concrete batch can be increased
  • Denser and more impermeable stone surfaces
  • Reduction of the cycle time (depending on the production of the product)
  • No overheating of the tamper shoes when production is interrupted
  • Temperature individually adjustable to your specific product as measurements are taken by integrated sensors directly on the tamper shoes
  • Only one output controller is needed per machine; can also be used with unregulated, clocked heating systems

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