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Our classic - reinvented over and over again

Paving stones are not just decorative, they define public spaces and often need to withstand heavy loads. RAMPF PRIME-Tec is among our top sellers and is being continuously further developed.

Your benefits:

  • Consistent top quality in production
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Long life cycle due to low abrasion (due to the extreme hardness)
  • High dimensional stability with optimum vibration behaviour


    The FlexWay® optional extra, for example, offers enormous benefits in production as a slip system for all paving stone moulds:

    • The upper part of the mould is divided into two. The system can be installed easily and quickly onto different parts of the upper mould due to this modular design.
    • The cycle times are shortened as vibration is no longer needed.
    • Both the mould and the machine are protected against abrasion.
    • An overall improvement in the quality of the concrete product

    The horizontal flexibility of the upper part of the mould is controlled by an integrated pneumatic brake. This is triggered as soon as the tamper shoes enter the mould cavities. The pneumatic brake is applied as soon as the tamper shoes travel out of the mould cavities during the demoulding process. In this way, the current position of the tamper shoes is stored in relation to the mould cavities and utilised for contact-free entry into the cavities again during the next cycle. This results in 100 per cent centring from one cycle to the next.

    The following Optional Features are available for our paving stone moulds depending on product properties or technical requirements:
    Multi-level tamper head
    Density control
    Charging equalisation
    Tamper shoe heater
    Vibro-Box 2.0
    Bolted cover plate
    Bolted frame/insert
    Coated tamper shoes
    Rubber insert

    We can also finish our RAMPF moulds in any way that you choose depending on your requirements. Our moulds are milled and manufactured in a CSI Diamond or CSI Nitro process for maximum precision - your ideas determine the shape.

    Please contact our Sales team for further details, if you have any questions and would like to arrange a meeting.