TOPROC is the latest innovation by RAMPF. The TOPROC technology gives you the ability to imprint a concrete product up to 4 sides.

The texture possibilities are nearly endless. The texture segments can be replaced with different segments. This creates a flexible solution for multiple textures on the same product.<br/> The TOPROC system is free of hydraulics and pneumatics or other limitations. Only gravity is our driver. This results in no loose of cyle time, additional space in the mold and a high quality product. TOPROC is the revolution that takes away your hesitations to utilize the full potential of side textures.

An entirely mechanical system designed to stramline and simplify the production process

  • Provides the ability to imprint up to 4 sides
  • No hydraulics, no pneumatics, just gravity
  • No lost cycle time during production maximizes efficiency and output
  • Compared to a hydraulic or pneumatic system, TOPROC requires less space in the mold. This allows more products to be produced per cycle
  • Suitable for all type of machines
  • Optional heated liners can be applied