Armin Rommel

RAMPF Formen GmbH is deeply saddened to announce the sudden and unexpected death of Armin Rommel. He worked for RAMPF for more than 30 years and was only 56 years old.

Armin Rommel was responsible for the design and engineering department at RAMPF. In his professional career, his experience and creative ideas have had a lasting impact on stone design and in the way which steel molds for the concrete products industry continue to be designed and built today. He was always open to new ideas, but at the same time never lost focus of what was tried and tested. Due to his reliable and honest manner paired with healthy pragmatism, he was always a sought-after contact person for our customers and colleagues.

Armin Rommel had a charming personality that was accompanied by his human warmth and subtle humor. We will always remember him fondly.