Increase your productivity by using RAMPF special measuring equipment

To optimise your production and for our On-site service we apply special measuring equipment specifically developed by RAMPF. This is used to analyse the machine and mould and determine the correct process parameters. We thereby support you with reliable measuring results when optimising processes and methods in the production of your concrete products.


RAMPF Mould Controller

The Mould Controller (MC), which is available exclusively from our company, helps to specifically lower machine abrasion on your production plant and reduce waste. The measuring system can be used universally on all vibration tables. The Mould Controller enables you to conduct comprehensive and accurate diagnostics of the machine and its vibration behaviour. Your employees can then adjust the operating conditions of your mould equipment to the optimum setting after analysing this data.

Your specific benefits:

  • The manufacturing process does not need to be interrupted to take the measurements
  • The Mould Controller can also be attached to the underside using magnetic sensors, even at otherwise inaccessible places
  • No complicated laying of measuring cables and mounting of sensors
  • Unique wireless data transfer via a Bluetooth stick

The sensor, Bluetooth stick and software are available as a set in a handy diagnostics case to purchase.

In North-America, this service is available on-site. Please contact your sales representative for more information.


Vibration Table Controller

The Vibration Table Controller (VTC) was specifically developed by RAMPF for measuring vibration tables. The VTC helps you to control the planarity of your vibration table and ensures the perfect use of your machine's vibration energy. The measuring sensor attached to a sliding table measures the spacing and unevenness of the individual impact bars without contact to determine their abrasion. The measuring result is shown directly on the VTC panel display. The table can then be adjusted to the optimum setting and the impact bars can be repaired or exchanged in the event of abrasion.

Your benefits:

  • Uniform of the concrete product in terms of height and density
  • Mould and machine protection
  • Prevention of abrasion and mould breakages
  • Increase in production levels

Technical specifications:

  • Measuring range 70 +/- 25 mm
  • Measuring accuracy 1/100 mm
  • Spirit level with +/- 0.1% accuracy

The VTC is supplied in a sturdy aluminium carrying case and available for purchase.

In North-America, this service is available on-site. Please contact your sales representative for more information.


Shore Durometer

The Shore Durometer supplements the MC and VTC with an additional component: it measures the hardness grade of the rubber pads supporting the vibration table. You can check deliveries of new rubber pads to ensure that the permissible tolerance values are actually observed.
The rubber pads can be exchanged in good time due to regular, random measurements. This leads to better damping and more uniform vibration behaviour on the vibration table – and the density and quality of the concrete product is considerably improved.

The Vibration Table Controller, Mould Controller and Shore Durometer are available together as a service set.

In addition, we can also offer you a range of special tools, which are available exclusively from our company.

Please contact our Sales team should you have any questions and wish to place an order.